In the middle of the vast ocean One whale speaks softly and lonelily

Hello! My name is Andrea and this is my humble online TCG collection.

This collection is managed using EasyTCG by Bloo. Scripts and mods used are by Daggles, Megan, Caitlin, Danni and Dite, as compiled by Kriss. Any other scripts used on the site are provided by Dynamic Drive and malihu. The pending cards used in Idolise are by sola, and some script mods/appearances are inspired by Amber; thank you!

The current layout was made to compliment the one at my domain. It features scans of Suga from BTS' You Never Walk Alone album (mint version), courtesy of GUWOLJK, and lyrics from BTS' "Whalien 52." While the song isn't included on You Never Walk Alone, it popped up on my playlist while I was trying to figure out this layout. In the end, I decided to work it in somehow since I thought it suited the overall vibe and mood I was trying to go for.
                The image of the whale tail is by Abhinaba Basu; it is used under the Creative Commons license which allows for alterations and changes. Other resources are by actofmadness, Creative Market (1, 2), masterjinn and vikyvampirs90. Icons are by Linearicons. Fonts used include Courier New, Droid Serif, Georgia, Imprima, Lora, Oswald, Raleway and Verdana. The layout was coded for Mozilla Firefox and it is not recommended that you view the site on mobile as some scripts may be disrupted; if there are any issues, feel free to let me know!

For past layouts, member cards and other nostalgic goodies, you're welcome to dip into the archive.

First time trading?

COLLECTING: Not trading.
FUTURE/KEEPING: Not trading unless I offer.
Not trading unless I offer. I'm not necessarily collecting these, so please do NOT offer these cards in a trade.
Very flexible! Offer these in a trade if you have nothing else that I'm looking for, unless stated otherwise.
Replies? Usually within a day or so, but during the summer I'm not online as often. Feel free to give me a poke if you find yourself waiting too long!
Please do not put trades through without my reply/permission, unless stated otherwise.